Two Bloody Knees on a Dejected Son

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    As we ran in our first 1.5 mile race together, I lost my 6 year old son in the crowd within seconds of the race.    When I found him he was running by

What’s Your Evening Routine? Your Kids NEED One.

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The one thing kids need, is to know what to expect.  They need to feel safe and  routines make children feel safe.   In the last blog post (link here)  I wrote about creating a routine

Do you have a problem getting your kids out of bed?

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What is your morning routine? Wake up!! Time to get ready for school!! Endless threats!! No breakfast, no TV, you are going to be late!! Read that last one - "you are going to be

Parenting – Is your job to Protect or Empower?

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Like most questions the answer depends on the scenario, or who you are asking. Are you asking mom or dad? Are you asking new parents or those in the dreaded teenage years? As a father,

Everybody wants to get rich!! Here are the first 6 steps as per Napoleon Hill

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I say it in my coaching all the time.   Everything I say and coach is really simple.  But it's not always easy to do.  Too often people complicate the uncomplicated.    Here are the

Are you Bubble Wrapping Your Children?

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This is a new term for me, "bubble wrapping".   When someone asked my opinion on it this week, I immediately thought to myself, "I do not believe that there is any logical reason to wrap