Why Justify or Just Do It?

To help one thousand people achieve their dreams.
Massive Action will allow you to fail fast enough to attain your dreams!
I promise that when you take actions necessary you WILL Attain your goals
Most people have only Dreams.  If you have not written your dream on paper it is only in your head.  As soon as you write it, it becomes physical and therefore a goal.  Only 3% of the population writes their goals.  Become a three percenter!

Meet Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy was born in New Haven, CT and grew up in Hollywood, Florida. He is the youngest of 10 children and was raised by his mother.   Being the youngest of 10 children in a home with a single income, Ryan learned at an early age how to become resourceful and go and get what you want. Or there wouldn’t be any left.

While in High School he struggled to find a purpose until one day he was offered an athletic scholarship to attend college. With lack of grades to even enter college Ryan took massive action to get almost straight A’s in his senior year to even qualify for the scholarship.

He went on to be the only person in his family to graduate from college. He graduated with a dual degree in Finance and International Business.

After college Ryan went on to become a Financial Advisor. He wanted to help people understand their money better so they did not have to live the way he did growing up.

He later became a Recruiter/Headhunter where he honed his sales skills. He continued to educate himself and came to understand that Real Estate is where 95% of the countries wealth is. So he then invested in Real Estate by flipping single-family residences.

Currently Ryan is an Accountability coach as he enjoys watching others reach their potential. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who want more out of life. Coaching and mentoring those who want to take their life to the next level is his passion.

Ryan often says he has always been a coach. He was always the kid in school, helping those around him with their work. He often is offering his newfound knowledge to anyone who will listen. His gift is sharing with others so that they too can find happiness.

He is a proud husband to his wife of six years and a proud father of his five-year-old son.

Ryan currently is working on creating online courses, writing a book and hosting Live Mastermind beach retreats.

You can find Ryan Daily on Periscope @RyanRoy. Monday-Friday with inspirational Quotes in the morning.

As an accountability coach I am certified to help you in many areas.

I also have personal experience in these areas:

  • Health – College Athlete
  • Career – I was a head hunter/recruiter for several years
  • Finances – Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance and International Business
  • Relationships – Happily married for over 6 years, best son in the world, chose to forgive those in my life who have made less than stellar decisions that have affected me personally.
  • Lifestyle – Created businesses around the lifestyle I desire.
  • Happiness – It’s a choice. I chose to be happy now and forever.
  • Goal Setting, Accountability, and Time Management are all key aspects of attaining the Dreams you desire.