As an accountability coach I will partner with you on a course that will evoke a clear path into achieving everything you have always wanted and thought you could not attain. I will facilitate the process so you are able to maximize your personal and professional potential. Accountability coaching is the area in which we most often uncover misalignment. Clients are often focused on areas in their lives that don’t yield the results that they are really looking for. Sometimes one area of your life is clouding your ability to focus on other more important area.

Working with Ryan and utilizing “Justify or Just Do It” has changed the way I look at each day, what I need to do and creates a path to accomplish my goals.

James Brooks - Tampa, FL - Client Since July 2013

After speaking with Ryan about some personal issues that were close to my heart, he helped me breakthrough and take complete control of the situation! Ryan is one of the best people in helping control your environment.

Trey Sanders

I cannot thank you enough for your support over the last month. In a short period of time, you identified key patterns in my behavior that were taking focus away from my goals and made me aware of these.

Mandeep Gill

I have been a client of “Justify or Just Do It” Coaching for 3 months so far. The main thing I have learned about myself is to see things in smaller more manageable tasks as opposed to really large ominous projects that are too overwhelming to even begin.

Sujit K. Reddy, CEO & Founder, Human Capital Solution

Since partnering with Ryan, I have made so many breakthroughs in my life! I have deepened my connection with my wife and developed a beautiful relationship with my daughter. I have lost 25 pounds, gained muscle, and changed my eating habits to benefit my family and myself. Through continuous submersion into positive books and videos I have gained a sense of calmness and inner strength that had faded through the years. I know I can handle any situation and I am open to new possibilities.  My life, my family’s lives, and my mental well-being have all been deeply enriched through the 5 months of coaching so far. I owe a lot to Ryan and I am excited about the things to come because we have only just begun. Thank you Ryan Roy!

John S. - Miami Beach, FL - October 2017

I have found a life coach that was able to start with what I thought was a problem and Ryan was able to dig deeper into what the real issue was. He will lead you into releasing your inner most part of yourself.  He made me realize that by changing my prospective I have been able to get the results that I want. He doesn’t tell you what to do he allows you to make your own decision with giving you another lens to look through.  He has taught me to use positive words to turn situations around. My marriage is stronger.  Yes we have become great friends.

Nancy B. - Signal Mountain, TN - January 2018

As a self proclaimed introvert, he fails to recognize how much he has accomplished. When starting to work with me, he had reached out to over 100 schools about their PHD programs. He had zero response. Within six months he had interviewed his top 12 researchers for his blog and was invited to do research side by side with two of them. He has an open door to be accepted into one of those programs.

As far as real estate – David believed, like many people, that he had to go get a “good job”. I’ve helped him shift his mindset to create the life he desires. We have discussed his desires and implemented strategies to achieve those. Real estate is one of the vehicles he is choosing to pursue.

David, thanks for being so coachable and being a small part of your tremendous growth is an honor. – Ryan

David McCormack - United Kingdom - February 2018

Ryan Roy, is truly a blessing to all he knows and works with…. I believe that God places people in our lives when we need them…. I worked with Ryan on financial aspects of my life and he not only helped me accomplish those goals he worked with me to break through a barrier I can guarantee without his perspective and help I would not have gone through…..
We need mentors, we need coaches, we need people in our life that see what’s possible for us to accomplish that we don’t see…. Thank you Ryan❤🙌

Lisa Bechtol - March 2018

I’ve been working with Ryan for nearly two years. In that time I have grown to appreciate who I am and how much I have truly accomplished in my life. Before working with him, I was always striving for more and not appreciating what I have already accomplished. I now have a greater appreciation of who I am, and I love myself more. That has allowed me to enrich all of the other relationships in my life. The more I love myself, the more I can love the people who are closest to me. Overall I am a more confident person. Thank You Ryan!

Sandra Bone - Honolulu, HI - March 2018
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